Wednesday, June 1, 2011

what I love...and don't love.

Wednesday....Why not do "what I love Wednesday".....but disclaimer notice, I have had somewhat of a frustrating there could be some of what I do NOT love.

First and foremost....I love, love, LOVE that school is out for the summer.....TOMORROW!  My first year in high school coaching a varsity team was absolutely WONDERFUL...however, that does not mean I am not in need of a break after such a crazy year (getting engaged, married, moving and starting to build a house) whew.  I get exhausted just thinking about it all....but let's be honest, I would do MOST of it over again.

Second....I am loving this season of the Real Housewives of Orange County...I waited such a long time for it to come back on, and then even started wondering if it was coming back on period, so it is good to have the girls (and their girls back...ha).  What I do NOT love is the fact that Grey's Anatomy (with a mediocre ending) and Gossip Girl (which went out with a bang) are not back on until SEPTEMBER!  How will I ever wait that long to know Blair's relationship fate?!?! aaaahhhh.

Third--this Sunday is the MTV Movie Awards...which normally I would not be excited about, I probably wouldn't even know about or plan on watching to be honest.  So, why the premature excitement you ask....?
Weeellll...during the awards will be the first preview of BREAKING DAWN!  I just got chills thinking about it.  I will be dvring this...and playing over and over again to hold me over until November.  (stop judging me for being a Twi-Hard...if I am ok with it, you should be also)  What I do NOT love about Breaking Dawn is the fact that I still have to wait 6 plus months for the first movie to come out....and then another YEAR for the second.  How will I ever make it?!?

Lastly....did I mention school is out TOMORROW?!? Ok...that's not really last on my list, I just wanted to make sure you all remembered that I am done, done and done tomorrow! 

I am loving that this Saturday we have an appointment to pick out "colors" aka tile, carpet, granite, wood, paint, etc. for our house!  We are SO excited and it just makes this process feel even more REAL!  Updates on what we chose coming soon....

....I bet you guys still reading are glad I got away from the tv and/or movies I was loving :) 

goodnight bloggers!

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