Wednesday, June 15, 2011

winner winner, chicken dinner!

Let's see....I left off with Aimee coming to visit me last week....last Sunday to be exact (oops...I apologize for being so behind)  Well Monday morning we slept in, visited Starbucks (of course...I mean, if you know Aimee you know she is nothing without her Starbucks once a day) and then headed to Arlington to do some shopping at The Parks.  I introduced Aimee to her first Nordstrom's some time ago, so I figured it only fitting that I also introduce her to Nordstroms's Off The Rack.  She was amazed, just as I suspected....we also spent WAY too much money, just as I also suspected.  Our husbands, were not so thrilled with our finds, but I will say her's seemed to be slightly more comforted that he also got some items....mine, not so much.  Although, as a side note, I will say when I offered to take his clothes back, he replied with "well I may as well keep them, they are already hanging in my closet."  uuuhhh-huh. sure sure honey.  The day continued with our other stops and then we finally decided we'd had spent enough and we headed on over to Saginaw.  She wanted to see our lot and my I gladly gave her the grand tour of both our campus and our future neighborhood.  I never thought our school would impress her so much, however, I am glad it did, because now I am hoping the little seed I have been planting in her and Josh's head about him pursuing a job at our brand new HS opening in 2013, is a full grown plant!  The next day we didn't do a whole lot, Aimee wasn't feeling well and I was just feeling lazy, so we watched some TV, took Ella to the vet, went to Yogurtland (another first timer for her) and almost died...due to my poor driving and/or sense of direction.   None of you may think the concrete bases on light poles are that big while merely passing by...but let me tell you, when you look up from your GPS to see your hopping the curb and now 5 feet from one....those look GINORMOUS....and very intimidating.  yikes....thank goodness for good brakes.  That night Josh came in from his camp in Frisco and we ordered pizza and watched the Mavs DOMINATE! WOOHOOO!

The rest of my week was fairly un-eventful...other than the fact that I have been practicing bus driving EVERY morning bright and early.  What a great sight right....?  Me driving the old yellow dog around Saginaw....cruising up and down Saginaw Main, Blue Mound....and wait for it....820!  I am 100% certain I have gotten at least 10-20 double takes from other drivers on the road who see us training...I would imagine they are having thoughts that are somewhere around "why in the world are they letting a student drive that bus"  But I must say...other than my parallel parking, my skills aren't half bad.  My parallel parking always ends up straight to the curb, just sometimes slightly over the 18 inches allowed.  It's a work in progress.  Hopefully Friday I will be able to test with the DPS and be done with my CDL process, is so exciting to even just say type.

Well, it's Wednesday so I will throw in a few WILW....and since this is supposed to be "our" blog....I will try to make this "What WE Love Wednesday"

First and foremost, we LOOOOVVEEE that the Mav's took home the Championship TROPHY!!  We are so, so ECSTATIC that they finished the classless Heat off in 6 games and are getting the title they finally deserve.  GO MAVS! 

Secondly, we love that we are going to Lake Texoma this weekend with some of our oldest and very, very dear friends the Strout's!  I hate that we live so far away from this AWESOME family, but from now on out I am vowing to not let this much time go by without seeing each other!  They are an absolute blast to be around and couldn't be sweeter...this weekend trusts to be a GREAT time!

Thirdly,  (warning....cheesy statement alert) we both love that we get to be married to the other and come home to one another every day.  Now, if you know Gerad, he isn't the cheesy romantic type...not that he is not very, very sweet to me....but just not into the cheesy, lovey-dovey statements.  He just now walked in from his softball game....which he won, of course, because my husband is an athlete....anyways, and I asked him what he was loving today.  After a second or two of thought, he leaned down to kiss me and said "coming home to you"....which is EXACTLY what I was thinking my third WILW statement would be.  I love, love, love that man and his terribly forgetful mind, his Justin Bieber hair and his video game loving self.  I will stop gushing for all of your sake...but I am sure you get the picture, I am a lucky, lucky girl. 


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  1. this was really sweet! so glad your blogging! =)