Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gooiiinnnggg to the chapel....

I am starting to wonder when I will EVER begin a post thinking "wow, it's been a while....where do I start"

Who knows the answer to that question?  It's certainly not me.  I always vow to be better the next week or day, but then I get busy lazy and fall short on my promise.

The most exciting news I can think of that has happened recently is my bestie Alicia getting ENGAGED!! It seriously warms my heart to know that she has found such a terrific guy to share her life with...and I could NOT be more excited for them.  The moment she called Friday to announce her AMAZING news, I could not stop smiling from ear to ear.  I literally felt like I had just gotten engaged all over again....what a great start to a fantastic weekend!

Our 4th of July was fairly low key, we celebrated it at the lake with family and friends and zero fireworks (booooo).  Friday we met up with some of Gerad's family for dinner and visiting at the lakehouse and then we headed to Lake Coleman for the weekend with the Wilson/Gordon clan.  We ate good, slept good and soaked up the sun all weekend long.  Although I wish we would have been able to celebrate with a little firework action, I didn't think the risk was worth the reward and we all opted out of shooting ANY fireworks while the burn ban was on. 

Last night we wrapped up the weekend with  three rented movies and a pallet (sp?) on the living room floor.  I would NOT recommend watching Hallpass for any of you that have not seen it, however The Dillemma and Unknown were def. better choices.  Anyhow, headed to start checking off things on my to-do list before the Bride-to-be and her Maitron of Honor have their first official wedding planning meeting dinner tonight!  Later gators!

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