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Bachelorette Blog-week 7-my words.

Weeelllll well well. I am back, I think.  I have been thinking a lot about my blog here lately, mostly because its summer and I have more free time on my hands, and contrary to what my last post may state…I really do enjoy blogging.  It’s finding time for it once I get into my school year/season that it gets tricky.  I thought considering the fact that I haven’t posted in 11 months…there would be no way I could go back and make up for those 11 months lost...and since I am sure you are all not dying to know what you missed, let's just call it even?  So back to where I was going with all this....part of what got me thinking about my blog was all of the Bachelorette blogs I have been reading, yes I am obsessed, more with Emily Maynard than the show, but I am someone whose been watching since season 1, go ahead and judge...I don't care.  I decided the way I would jump back into my own blog would be to just blog about the Bachelorette every Monday night/Tuesday morning...or let's be honest, whenever in the week I got around to it.  If you don't watch the show....sorry, you may want to sit this post out...if you do watch the show, and aren't reading this blog by Lincee you are seriously missing out.  I also recommend reading Chris Harrison's blog at Entertainment Weekly and Emily's at sometimes offer some pretty good insight at behind the scenes stuff you will find interesting if you're obsessed a fan like me.  

This week Emily took her last 6 guys to Prague and there was drama in the air with Arie.  As if that gorgeous man could do any wrong....he apparently did....again.  First of all, does anybody honestly believe that Emily has ALL of her clothes in that tiny turquoise suitcase she has been hauling up all those steps the past few weeks?  I will go ahead and speak for everyone and say absolutely not.  That has got to be her cosmetic & bathroom stuff and PJ's only.  All outfits/shoes travel with the producers and the show's stylist, I mean agreed? Agreeeeed.  Moving on.  When I saw the 6 guys for the first time in this just re-affirmed what I have been thinking all season long.  1.  Gerad is definitely getting a pea coat or two for his birthday 2.  Why doesn't he have any already courtesy of his wife? 3.  I really love a man in a pea coat.
Arie's Date
So Emily takes Arie strolling around Prague, tourist book in hand, as usual, and wearing the coveted Frye Carson Lug boots I am DYING for as usual.  Emily...the ONLY reason I can come up with to  hate you is because you get to keep almost every amazing article of clothing you will wear this season, altered to fit your perfect barbie doll biatch.  Sorry, I thought the sooner I got my jealousy about that out there, the better I would feel.  Speaking of uuhh-mazing...hellooo beaded shorts, you want to live in my closet, I know you do.  Minus the fact that you have a price tag of $385.  I am sorry...I really appreciate your beauty, but I cannot bring myself to even think of spending that kind of money on you, mainly due to the fact that I might be forced to send in application to be a contestant on the next Bachelor...because my husband would surely divorce me.  And now...for those of you wondering how or maybe even why I know how much those shorts are, when I clearly have no intentions of buying them....I will introduce you to this little beauty of a blog right here.  It. is. phenomenal.  If you are also obsessed with the Bachelorette's fashion....or any and all fashion in general, it's a must read.  And while we are on her fashion choices for her date with Arie...did anyone else think it was odd given how cold she always seems to be that she was wearing shorts on her date in Prague?!  You gotta hand it to the girl, fashion above comfort....I would say America could not say the same about Ali F. and Ashley H.  But hey...we can't all be Emily Maynard right?   
Moving the drama of course.  I have a lot of mixed feelings about tonight's episode and how the whole thing played out....none of which matter in my everyday life, so if you are wondering why I care...I don't know, so don't even ask yourself.  I think everything each party involved said was valid and probably Emily, I would feel like an idiot being in the dark, however, if they had only told her they known each other from the beginning and she found out later they dated, would you be in this situation asking these questions anyways?  Probably so.  I also think a lot more obviously goes on behind camera than what we see and are told....translation:  Arie was either told Emily knew or told not to tell her.  Interestingly enough, I read Emily's blog on Tuesday morning and from the get go she was told there might be a guy on this season that had dated Cassie a decade ago, and she even agreed to it, knowing this was a close friend who was now engaged to another producer.  Granted, it wasn't a guarantee at the time and she pushed the thought out of her mind as the show got closer, I am not saying it probably wasn't shocking, only that it wasn't  the surprise ABC made it out to be and America thought it was.

The important thing was not a deal breaker, Emily still got to share her lip gloss with Arie all night long and we get to keep staring into his bright baby blues next week on hometowns.  Side note....Arie was the first of all the Bachelor's to tell Emily he loves her in Prague tonight, she's clearly elated, but does that mean he's the last man standing?  My gut is saying no for some reason.     
Quote of the Night--"I like to kiss Arie alot...and I let him know that kissing him alot."  Emily you dog.  and by dog every girl is really thinking you lucky dog.
Jon's Date
So Emily takes John also around the streets of Prague and they visit the Lennon Wall and another wall where they were supposed to "lock" in their relationship....literally.  The sign of the lock not cooperating looked to be a sign of a bad omen for "Wolf", but only time would tell as there was no rose on the one-on-one dates this week.  I really loved Emily's outfits on both parts of this date....I am not sure if it's the fact that she finally had nothing with sequins on, or maybe the fact that I saw her wear her nude pink leather Zara jacket a second time, proving she is actually human....maybe a little of both.  Who knows! 

Their dinner date in the dungeon seemed to go well...however, I feel like sometimes Emily is a total open book and other times she's extremely difficult to read because of how well mannered, polite and just down right nice she is.  I can't say I thought saw a lot of chemistry actually shown on air, but after watching the group date, my confidence that he was getting the rose was on the level of Wolf's due to the complete lack of maturity shown by Chris.  And let's be honest...neither one are top 3 material, does it really matter which one goes home this week?

Quote of the night--"I am not really a starter, I am a closer."  IF you know me at know it's only because he referenced baseball.  Done and done.  Moving on.

Group Date--Sean, Chris and Doug
Let's just talk about what I love and don't love in terms of fashion/style on this date and get it over with....

That pink trench was adorbs...but the boots she wore with it what my absolute favorite part of either outfit.  I have a boot obsession.  Seriously.  And while I am complimenting Emily...I am going to go ahead and throw out there that I have a serious crush on Sean's style too.  Now don't get me wrong, I think Arie and Jef have great style too....however, I think the reason I am drawn more to Sean's is because it is more along the lines of Gerad's or things he would/does wear.  More on my thoughts on Jef's style to come. 

So the last group date for E.M. EVER....and it lived up to it's awkward role beautifully. Not to mention the man tears, from not just one, but two of her "manly" suitors.  Oh boys...when will you learn?  I cannot for the life of me figure out what Doug came on the show to accomplish and how he planned on doing it by not touching this woman.  For goodness sakes this is a show that wants two people to find love in 2 months and your taking the "slow and steady, old fashioned approach".  I can respect that, and do believe that a lot of other women could to...but let's be honest, not on this show does it make for you getting the girl or getting good TV.  If we are all being honest the most memorable Doug moments all season was his argument with Chris, him telling Emily about Kalon's comments or that awful, awkward exiting kiss while Emily stood there breaking up with him.  None of that exactly screams true love.  And while Doug seemed to be a great guy and I do think Emily tried to see where things could go, if we are being real, did any of us see him being there above Sean, Arie or Jef in the end....doubtful.  So for now, they will not make history and make up the first ever combined family in Bachelor/Bachelorette history. 

So Doug is gone....and we all know Sean is totally getting that rose because he ran through the streets of Prague to find Emily the night before, to have an intense make out session up against a wall...and a beer.  So what if it's Arie's move...I didn't hear Emily complaining....and it didn't look like Sean's first time.  That leaves us to see how neurotic Chris is going to take the news....bum bum bum.
Can we all just revert back to how all season long Chris has been defending himself as a "grown ass man" yet he threw a fit like a middle school girl whose mom wouldn't buy her that pair of ripped up, over priced A&F jeans?  Not cool Chris....not cool.  And while I can appreciate the fact that you realized it and tried to make up for still looked like you needed a Xanax every time you were on camera this week buddy....and I quote "if I don't get a hometown date, I'll be scared for anyone around me."  Side note....Emily....don't walk this crazy fool out when you send him packing in Chicago next week.

Quote of the night--"Big Key.  This is a man's key."--Sean.  Who doesn't love Sean?  Did you all know he used to date a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader who is now married to MLB player Lance Nix?  Fun fact for the day.

Jef's Date

Oh so much to say....but my blog has gotten SO long already. First of all was Emily wearing anything, besides see through tights, underneath that sweater?  I want to believe it was just a really short dress, because the girl has impeccable style...I just never saw a shot allowing me to fully trust it was indeed a dress, and not a shirt.  However, I am going to chalk it up to me being distracted by one of three things.  1.  All I could concentrate on was the reappearance of the black fringe booties I am DYING over.  2.  The precious marionette show her and Jef gave America and 3.  the 2nd best quote in Bachelor/Bachelorette know what's coming. "I wanna date you so hard and marry the f*ck out of you." 

I have been a Jef fan since day one but I am really starting to like him more and more...I guess probably kind of like Emily seems to be.  It's hard to say what my favorite part of the date was, because I loved it all so much.  It all seemed to be so silly, fun and genuine.  But, if I had to narrow it down...I am going with the puppet show, like the rest of America.  Did anyone else notice how experienced Jef seemed to be with the marionette?  I mean this guys does it all.  Skateboards, check.  CEO, check.  Knowledgeable about high end fashion, check.  More volume in his hair than 90% of women, check.  The list goes on.

One thing in general about Jef's date that caught my attention were the fact that he seems to be asking questions that I have been wondering all along why the other guys aren't asking or they aren't being discussed in more detail.  Now granted, I know we only see minutes of each date...but I feel like those are REAL things that need to be discussed in order for something crazy like this to have even a slight chance working.  Just when I thought Sean was becoming my front runner, Jef with his crazy cool NKOTB style that only he could pull off, jumped right up there with him.  Oddest thing about the date....?  Jeff tells her he loves her through puppets; he wants to marry the BLEEP out of her...yet only says I really LIKE you twice.  Regardless...I am not biting into anything the tabloids are saying about him just yet.  I like you one F Jef.

Quote of the Night--So Obvious.  See Bold Above.

Rose Ceremony

More man tears....from whom else than Chris.  Somebody get this guy his meds.  He. is. outta. control.  I really have nothing to say that I haven't already said.  Based strictly on Chris's behavior and the fact that neither him nor John are top 3, I figured she would just go ahead and send Chris be honest I am not sure his nerves can handle another week.  On another note, do we think they are editing it to where she chooses Arie last in her "faves" every week or is she really making him sweat it out for a reason?  Either way I think it's odd. 

Well, the countdown begins; we are only 4 days away from hometowns.  I am somewhat hoping I can start getting a read on who she picks...and another part of me loves having zero clue.  This might be the first season ever where everyone...RealitySteve this stumped this far into it.  Kudos to you Emily for weeding it down to such great guys, and to you ABC to keeping such a tight lid on things!  


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